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Help us connect the world with APIs! Spread the word about the #NordicAPIs Platform Summit

Help us connect the world with APIs! Spread the word about the #NordicAPIs Platform Summit

Adobe launches release version 3 of PhoneGap.


some interesting upcoming events and conferences for everyone active in identity management:

At @2botech, we’re working w/ @dopterse to arrange a number of API-related events around Scandinavia. This series of events blends together my passions for IdM and the Web. While the topics will go beyond identity, our talk and @pingidentity's at the March 21 event will explain in details how APIs and identity intersect. (For a preview, check out this blog post on

Be sure to register if you’re interested in coming in March, as half our spots are already gone. Also, register for September now for an early bird discount. Contact us if you want to present or sponsor at an upcoming event. We’re organizing a half-day event in Copenhagen for early June as well, so keep an eye on the Web site for updates.


REST API testing in Chrome


Getting tired of using cURL for your API testing? Or just want to use a nice GUI tool directly from your browser? Then, maybe give Postman a try, if you are using Chrome.

You can also keep your history of requests in collection, so that you can re-run the same set of requests later.

Postman also supports Basic Auth and OAuth1.0 auth. OAuth2.0 support is in the issues list. The project is on github if someone volunteers to add OAuth2.0 support…

Another that @serdtman recommended to me was Advanced REST Client which works great w/ Google Chrome.


In the new economy of apps and app stores, the traditional search engine optimization (SEO) has expanded into the app stores as App Store Optimization (ASO).

Check out this cheat sheet from Apptamin to make sure your app gets the downloads it deserves.

Good presentation with helpful marketing suggestions for mobile app development companies

A JQuery plug-in that makes it easy to setup keyboard shortcuts for your web applications.

Tools, tips, and add-ons for use with Twitter’s UI framework, Bootstrap.

New OReilly book on HTML5 and JavaScript

Daniel Hudson (@webtechman) tweeted: Enterprise Strategy for creating #HTML5 Web Apps: @wesleyhales’s book is a MUST! @oreillymedia #OpenSource (